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Accredited B++ By NACC.

To Provide competency,commietment and performance based teacher training.

To Promote National Values,Social cohension,international understanding and protection of human rights.

To Cultivate rational thinking and scientific temper among trainee teachers.

To Sensitize the trainee teachers about emerging issues such as environment,population,gender equality,legal literacy and ICT literacy

To Develop managerial and organizational skills for an effective school professional

1 Shri. Gajendra Ainapure Ex-MLA
2 Shri. Namdeorao Bhoite MLA
3 Shri.Nemchand Shitole Dy. Director of Education
4 Shri.Paymal Asst.Director of Education
5 Dr.Rajan Gavas Sahitia Academy winner
6 Shri.Mahveer Mane Dy.Director of Education
7 Mr.Dinkar Patil Dy.Director of Education
8 Dr.K.N.Sangle Dean Faculty of Edu.SUK
9 Dr.G.S.Patil Lecturer Dept.of Edu. SUK
10 Dr.Parmane Lecturer DIET
11 Shri.C.S.Mohite Education Officer
12 Shri.Pachchhapure B.D.O.Educaiton.
13 Shri.Mande Edu. Officer
14 Shri.Magdum  Dy.Edu.officer
15 Dr.M.G.Mali Ex. Principal
16 Smt.Chhaya Khandke Principal
17 Dr.B.M.Borge Principal
18 Dr.R.D.Belekar Principal
19 Mr.M.B.Patil Principal
20 Dr.R.T.Choutre Principal
21 Dr.P.A.Waskar Reader AJCE
22 Mr.Khandekar President KDHM’S Association


          The Acharya Jawadekar College of Education is the reputed teacher training college in the state of Maharashtra. The college has been established by honourable V.T.Patil and Padmabhoshan Dr.J.P.Naik. The prime aim of the college is to provide quality teacher training emphasizing all round development of prospective teachers by participating them is social, cultural, moral and environmental activities. The college runs B.Ed. regular, B.Ed. (YCMOU), M.Phil. education (YCMOU) courses. It conducts blood donation camp, health check camps, Jathanirmoolan programme, anti-dowry movement, Devdasi Nirmoolan, AIDS Awareness programme, plantation, street palys to erradit superstition. It has a huge list of alumni students who have been designating highest ranks in education dept. of the state. According to the guidelines of National Assessment and Accreditation Council, the college has initiated to register the Alumni Association which was informally functioning science 1956.


  • To get feedback from the Alumni to improve the functioning of curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • To support disadvantaged students learning at primary, secondary, territory and B.Ed. level.
  • To arrange facilitation ceremony to motivate the alumni who have achieved great success and to hounour teachers, social workers, farmers or any human resources which has helped for social, economic & cultural development of the nation.
  • To collect development fund to improve the physical facilities of the college.
  • To plan and activate developmental activities through Alumni Association and Parent Teacher Association.
  • To provide aid in National Calamities like flood, drought, earthquake etc.
  • To organize blood donation camps, Health checkup camps, Jathanirmoolan, superstition eradication and others need based programmes.
  • To conduct guest lectures on global warming, pollution, Disaster management, family planning, environmental issues, health education and physical education, yoga, stress management, personality development, consumer’s right etc.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, conferences, symposium, carrier talks at University, state, National & international level.
  • To enrich library, educational technology, IT and other facilities.
  • To participate in Gram Swachta Abhiyan, Leke Wachawa, Nirmalgram and other programmes in collaboration with the government and non-government, organizations (MGO’s) .


             The college had been conducting meetings of Alumni students since its establishment but the activities were quite informal. According to NAAC’S guidelines the COE has decided to establish Alumni Association, however the meeting has been conducted on 19/10/2008. Where 80 ex-students have attended the meeting. The principal has placed the proposal of Alumni Association before the alumni, where all the alumni students agreed to establish the organization. The constitution was drafted and sanctioned by the members, accordingly.


             As per the decision of the meeting the executive committee will be of 11 members. The members will be Nominated from the ex-students of the college who have successfully completed B.Ed. regular (SUK), B.Ed.(YCMOU), M.Ed.(SUK), M.Phil(YCMOU) or any course run by the college. Among the 11 members 3 from YCMOU B.Ed., 3 from M.Ed. 4 from regular B.Ed. and 1 from M.Phil. will be selected to work on the association. The president of general body of the executive committee will be the principal of the college. The chairman, secretary, joint secretary treasurer will be nominated amongst the members. The 11 nominated members for five years (2008-2013) office term are as follows,

  • Lohar Kiran Anant
  • Mali Manisha Vijay
  • Joshi Sunita Shrikant
  • Mangale Sandip Shripati
  • Karambali Rashmi Ramesh
  • Kouvlavkar Ashok Pandurang
  • Khandekar G.B.
  • Patil Ananda Maruti
  • Solse Archana Bassapa
  • Nazare Suman Shantaram


             Any bonafide student who has obtained B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Phil or any degree from the college (AJCE) can become the member of Alumni Association (AJCEAA).


            25 reputed Alumni shall be nominated as the honourary members. The nomination will be done by the principal and the staff of the college.

              The present Nominees are as follows,

  • Shri. G. L. Ainapure
  • Shri. Mahaveer Mane
  • Shri Nemchand Shitole
  • Shri. S. K. Jadhav
  • Shri. C. N. Mohite
  • Dr. V. H. Patil
  • Dr. B. M. Borge
  • Shri. Sanjay Herwade
  • Shri. V. B. Paymal
  • Shri. D. M. Patil
  • Shri. S. K. Jadhav
  • A. R. Kaingade
  • M. S. Mande
  • S. B. Patil
  • A. S. Pachachapure
  • N. K. Chavan
  • Shri. H. I. Shinde
  • Shri. V. H. Pawar
  • Shri Sanap
  • Smt. Chhaya Khandke
  • Dr. R. T. Choutre
  • Shri. P. S. Kamble
  • Dr. D. K. Goutre
  • Shri. D. B. Jadhav
  • Dr. M. G. Mali


            The representatives of the registered societies (NGOS) or the doners from the strata of society will be the patrons of the association (open ended). The persons who are keenly interested in joining hats with the mission, vision of motto can become the members of AJCEAA.


            The voting and other democratic procedures will be used to select the chairman, secretary, joint secretary, etc.


            The term of office of the office bearers will be of five years.


            The financial year will be 1 April to 31 March each year.


           The joint Bank account will be opened by the names of chairman/president and secretary of the Association.

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