Reader / Cordinator (YCMOU),

             Dr.Pushpa Anand Waskar has started her carrer as a lecturer in Hindi at K.H.College, Gargoti. She has joined AJCE in the year 1994 as a lecturer in Hindi methodology and presently she has been working as a Reader. Dr.Pushpa Waskar has 22 yrs. teaching experience at under graduate level and 20 yrs at post graduate level. She has been working as a coordinator for B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Phil. YCMOU for more than 13 years. She is reconginzed giude for M.Phil and Ph.D. YCMOU and Shivaji Unviersity. She has worked on various committes like syllbus committee, teachers selecton committee, course restructuring committee for B.A.B.Ed.,M.A.M.Ed., M.Phil. LMC. She is working as a member of Board of studies in Education (BOS). She has published more than 10 articles and participated in infinite workshops, seminors, conferences & seminars. She has authored 8 books on Education. She has played very vital role in Jatha Nirmolan Devdasi rehabitation and superstition ereditation. She has awarded Dr.Arun Limaye Award, Best Book Award and principal Sumatibai Patil Adarsh Shikshak Award 2006 by Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Recently she has worked as a convenor for Inspection committee for M.P. and Gujarat state by NCTE WRC Bhopal. Dr.Waskar has written course material for Distance Education and Language Education for YCMOU and SUK.
Sr.No. Name Date of Birth Date Of Appointment Qualification Designation Photo
1 Dr.RamchandraD.Belekar   01/06/1957       08/08/1988 M.A.M.Ed.,MPhil.,Ph.D Principal
2 Shri vishnu N. Bhandare 19/09/1954 25/06/1984 M.Sc.,M.Ed. Lecturer In Science Method.
3 Dr. Pushpa A. Waskar 07/07/1952 04/07/1984 M.A.,M.Ed.,Ph.D. Reader In Hindi Method.
4 Shri. Manohar G. Jagtap 01/06/1955 13/09/1987 M.A.M.Ed.,D.P.Ed. Lecturer In Geography Method.
5 Shri Pralhad B. Darade 07/05/1971 01/12/2000 M.A.M.Ed.,M.Phil. Lecturer In English Method.
6 Smt. Pratibha S. Nimbalkar 29/07/1967 15/06/2007 M.A.M.Ed.,M.Phil,SET Lecturer In Maths. Method.
7 Shri Ravsaheb K. Shelake 03/06/1981 15/06/2007 M.A.M.Ed.,SET Lecturer In History Method.
8 Sou. Minaxi N. More 16/07/1962 15/06/2007 M.A.M.Ed. Lecturer In Marathi Method.
9 Shri Bhimrao G. Surve 01/06/1953 02/06/1977 B.A.B.Lib.Sc. Librarian

Non-Teaching Staff

Sr.No. Name Date of Birth Date Of Appointment Qualification Designation Photo
1 Shri Shankar V.Jadhav 02/06/1956 01/04/1985 M.A. Head Clerk
2 Shri Ambadas S. Bhurke 28/06/1969 13/09/1993 B.Com. Sr. Clerk
3 Shri Namdeo B. Patil 01/06/1963 01/05/1993 B.A. Jr. Clerk
4 Shri Pandurang B. Yadav 20/08/1991 24/02/1972 S.S.C. Lab Assistant
5 Shri Sadashiv Y. Kalkutaki 12/06/1960 03/08/1982 S.S.C. Lab Attendant
6 Sou. Babitai A. Jadhav 01/06/1964 21/12/1989 S.S.C. Peon
7 Shri. Eknath A. Kambale 01/06/1972 15/11/1990 S.S.C. Peon
8 Shri Ramesh A. Chavan 01/06/1974 13/11/1995 S.S.C. Peon
9 Smt. Mangal S. Davari 20/12/1977 25/07/2005 S.S.C. Peon
10 Shri Satish M. Shinde 13/06/1979 12/05/2005 S.S.C. Peon


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